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Production of auto cosmetics, household chemicals and cosmetic products
ZOLLEX GROUP was founded in 1990. These are modern enterprises with fully automated technological cycles, scientific laboratories and test sites. Since the formation of the company, the priority areas are wholesale of motor oils, auto chemical goods, auto parts and accessories.
the emergence of its own trademark "ZOLLEX". The main directions are the production and sale of high quality auto parts, filters and auto cosmetics for cars. The production of ZOLLEX company is located all over the world (USA, Italy, Poland, Taiwan, South Korea).
in order to provide quality service to the European Union countries, a trading company Zolleks avto d.o.o was opened in Slovenia. Thanks to the warehouse and the full range of goods, it allows to serve all the countries of the European Union and the Asian market qualitatively. The company annually takes part in the largest international exhibitions in different countries (Germany, France, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, etc.).
ZX group together with the Italian company has started manufacture of household chemical goods and cosmetics in Kherson city under the trademark "Clime".
launch of production of cosmetic products under the trademark "MUAT" and economy line of household chemicals "Vnuki".
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